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Welcome to...

McCoy Jewelers

Where Dubuque gets Engaged!!

At McCoy Goldsmiths & Jewelers we make the finest quality custom jewelry. Our designers specialize in crafting unique and unusual engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. We have been creating one of a kind treasures in Dubuque, Iowa for over 40 years. Our dedication to artistry, fine craftsmanship and innovation have been the hallmark of McCoy designs.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

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Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Wedding Bands
Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Hand Crafted
Ring Cam

Ring Cam

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Today's Trending TopicToday's Trending Topic

Today's Trending Topic

"Follow us to get all the latest news on jewelry, fashion, and objects of art fresh from the Bench. Get in touch with us and become a McCoy Jewelers VIP."

Pure Grown Diamonds are changing the diamond industry. They are now able to be grown in a lab instead of only mined from the earth. Grown diamonds allow for a more sustainable and eco-friendly option for consumers. Like mined diamonds, grown diamonds emerge as rough. They are polished using the same equipment and...

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  • Sketches

    Unique designs begin simply with a pencil and paper.

  • 3D Modeling

    The preliminary design evolves with CAD modeling.

  • On the Bench

    The ring comes to life on the bench.

  • The Final Ring

    The final ring is unveiled after a unique custom design process.

The Custom Processfrom start to finishThe Custom Processfrom start to finish

The Custom Process
from start to finish

Here at McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler we create quality, handcrafted, custom engagement rings, wedding bands and all other jewelry. From beginning to end we create one of a kind jewelry. Our expert jewelry artisans can guide you on your journey to make the perfect piece!

This marriage, if you will, of old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology is on display at our boutique shop at 261 Main Street, downtown Dubuque, Iowa.
Though the shop specializes in custom & unique engagement rings and wedding bands,we will craft most anything you ask.
Simply peek in the window at Rob on his bench, or step through the door and experience craftsmanship and designs seen nowhere else – crafted just for you.
Jonathan McCoy

Opinions and thoughts...

  • Katey


    "I loved working with McCoy! Everyone was great to work with. They were a tremendous help to my fiance and his 10 billion questions (kidding, it was only 5 billion). When we started shopping around, every store besides McCoy tried to push us to something we didn't want. We are both..."

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  • Josh


    "We had a custom engagement ring and two wedding bands designed and created. We were very happy with the end products. Everyone at McCoy's was always super friendly, easy going and trustworthy. This made the entire process seamless and fun. We'll go back for sure!"

    Read more

  • Elizabeth


    "My fiancé and I are very happy that we chose McCoy Jewelers to design my engagement ring and our wedding bands. They were so helpful throughout the design process and great about working within our budget and timeline. We now have quality rings that are truly..."

    Read more

  • Jen


    "I would recommend McCoy Jewelers to everyone I know. My fiance purchased my engagement ring through McCoy's and he had a very great experience. We will be getting our wedding bands designed there as well. The team at McCoy's is very knowledgeable..."

    Read more

  • Lynnette


    "My fiancé went through McCoy's so he could personally design my engagement ring. We then designed our wedding bands. They were great to work with and extremely helpful and knowledgeable! I would definitely..."

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  • James


    "Went to Mccoy's with what I thought might be a challenge and turned out to be a great experience that me and my fiancé will never forget!! Thank you for turning my dream into an heirloom!!!"

    Read more

  • Michael


    "I felt very comfortable purchasing my fiances engagement ring at McCoy. They answered all of my questions and listened to my requests and feedback. Jennifer gave me plenty of options to work with in creating..."

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  • Kristen


    "The entire gang at McCoy's is AMAZING!!! Had a custom engagement ring and both wedding bands made from there and we could not be more happy or excited with the final products. They were very patient with..."

    Read more

  • Luke


    "My fiancée and I could not have asked for a better experience during the design and creation of her customer engagement ring at McCoy Jeweler. Jonathan and the team at McCoy were knowledgeable and patient as we decided (through several iterations) what would..."

    Read more

  • Melissa


    "We had a wonderful experience working with McCoy Jewelers for our wedding. My fiancé went in last year to work with them on a custom engagement ring that turned out beautiful. He had a concept in mind so he took in a picture, showed them what he wanted..."

    Read more

  • Aaron


    "My first necklace that I owned was purchased at McCoy Jewelers and I have been wearing it for about six years now. When I started the process of choosing an engagement ring I knew that I would get a quality product at this store. Even though I was living in..."

    Read more

  • Jessica


    "We have never had anything but a great experience. Purchased my engagement ring and both wedding bands here and they always showed interest in what we wanted and did everything they could to help us. They are patient while you decide what you want, knowledgeable when..."

    Read more

  • Brittany


    "McCoy's hand crafted our wedding bands from old jewelry from both our families. Now we have unique and beautiful rings to pass down to our children. That kind of service and quality is hard to come by."

    Read more

  • Adam


    "I didn't have any idea on what jeweler to go to for an engagement ring. I knew I wanted a custom piece, so that's how I ended up checking out McCoy as they were the first people that showed up online when I searched custom jewelry. I was glad I did. Everybody at McCoy..."

    Read more

  • Brittany


    "McCoy Jewelers was a fantastic experience for my husband and I. They helped him design the perfect engagement ring and wedding band in just a short amount of time so it would be ready for the big day!!. They are incredibly professional..."

    Read more

  • Meaghan


    "My husband proposed to me with a custom creation from McCoy Jewelers about 4 years ago. Since then, McCoy has become our favorite family jeweler and has celebrated many milestones with us! Jonathan, Jennifer and Rob are truly talented and beyond creative! Recently my husband..."

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  • Lynn


    "My engagement ring was from McCoy, so we went back for both our wedding bands. I love the customized personal atmosphere. Highly recommended!"

    Read more

  • Cassie


    "My fiance went to McCoy's to design my engagement ring and the process and final product was of such high quality that there was no question we'd be coming back for the wedding bands. Both of the bands turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier!"

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  • Amy


    "McCoy's custom designed my engagement ring and I couldn't be more thrilled with it! I love knowing that I am the only one with this particular ring; it makes it that much more special to me!"

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  • Scott


    "Everyone at McCoy Jewelers is great to work with! They helped me pick out the right diamond and design a setting that is one of a kind. I would recommend them to anyone!"

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Contact Us

Have a question? Feel free to come in for a chat anytime. We can often be found, check hours below, crafting in our shop on 261 Main Street, Old Main District, Downtown Dubuque , Iowa.
Stop by, visit, and discover how we craft fine jewelry using old world techniques and cutting edge technology.

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