Where Dubuque gets engaged!

Why buy a copy when you can get an original.

At McCoy Goldsmiths & Jewelers we make the finest quality custom jewelry. Our designers specialize in crafting unique and unusual engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. We have been creating one of a kind treasures in Dubuque, Iowa for over 40 years. Our dedication to artistry, fine craftsmanship and innovation have been the hallmark of McCoy designs.

With McCoy's, the Artists and Craftsmen work directly with you to create beautifully designed and crafted jewelry. The shop is not in a back room, instead it is right out front where you can watch the whole process, ask questions and see work done on all types of jewelry. Whether your need is unique bridal jewelry, custom remounts of existing stones, recycling old metal into new creations, repairs or challenging designs found no where else.


Monday closed
Tuesday 9am-6pm
Wednesday 9am-6pm
Thursday 9am-6pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday closed
This marriage, if you will, of old world craftsmanship with cutting edge technology is on display at our boutique shop at 261 Main Street, down town Dubuque, Iowa. Though the shop specializes in custom & unique engagement rings and wedding bands, we will craft most anything you ask. Simply peek in the window at Rob on his bench, or step through the door and experience craftsmanship and designs seen nowhere else – crafted just for you.

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