The Custom Design Process

Here at McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler we create quality, handcrafted, custom engagement rings, wedding bands and all other jewelry.  From beginning to end we create one of a kind jewelry.  Our expert jewelry artisans can guide you on your journey to make the perfect piece! 

  • Sketch & Styling
    We begin the process with a FREE design consultation session, either by you visiting our shop or through the website. Both methods offer top notch service and creative insight from artistic professionals. Next, we begin to sketch out various concepts. This is a very exploratory stage where we look at what design elements you want to incorporate into the piece and how best to make the design work together.
  • C.A.D. Design
    Utilizing our Computer Aided Design System, Matrix, we define the design & create a virtual model of the ring. We next will create a computer generated image of the piece, or render. This digital render can be generated in countless ways at the click of a button showcasing all the various options in the design; from different metals, to various gemstone colors as well as different shapes & sizes. In addition, we are able to calculate estimates of the project costs.
  • Stone Selection & Deposit
    At this point, you select your gemstones.  We finalize the design around the exact dimensions and shape of your selections. We request a 50% deposit at this point and order any additional gemstones or raw metal we will need for the casting and schedule the production of your piece.
  • Model Creation
    By utilizing both hand and machine carving, as well as 3-D printing, we are able to create detailed designs that have never before been achievable. Each design model is carefully inspected and reviewed for quality.
  • Investing
    Investing is not just what you should do with your hard earned money, but the process of creating the casting mold using a special type of plaster called investment. Your unique wax design is mounted in a flask and sealed in this plaster “shell”. After curing and becoming hard, the flask is put into an oven to be heated to temperatures of 1350 degrees to burn out the wax and leave a clean mold of your piece that is ready to be filled with gold, silver or platinum.
  • Casting
    The casting metal is weighed and added to a ceramic crucible where a torch will heat it to upwards of 1800 degrees. Once the metal reaches it’s melting point, the flask for your piece will be removed from the oven & placed into a centrifugal casting machine. The casting machine will swing at high speeds injecting the molten metal into the flask, filling the mold and completing the casting process.
  • Metal Smithing
    The rough design is examined and verified for quality. Extra metal is cut away and its surface is filed and ground smooth in preparation for stone setting and the final finished polish.
  • Stone Setting & Finish
    Your hand selected diamonds and gemstones are prepared for your jewelry and expertly set. The final embellishments are made and then the jewelry is hand polished to the desired finish. Your design is ready to be worn and enjoyed for years to come.