45k For 45 Years!

Five years ago McCoy Goldsmith & Jeweler’s celebrated it’s 40th anniversary by giving away $40,000 worth of jewelry to local, non-profit charities. 2018 marks our 45th Anniversary and McCoy Jeweler’s is honored to have been a part of the Dubuque community for the past 45 years! In honor of our 45th Anniversary we would like to host this event again with $45k for 45 years- $45,000 of jewelry to be given back to local charities to help us celebrate 45 years in business. During every month of 2018 local charities will be competing for their share of $45,000 in McCoy jewelry to help support their mission. Each month two organizations will compete for that month's piece of jewelry and the winner will be chosen by the community. Votes will be tallied through Facebook and Instagram and the winner will receive a custom crafted piece to be sold, auctioned or gifted to support fund raising programs.