Look Your Best with McCoy’s Recycling Service

Look Your Best with McCoy’s Recycling Service

McCoy Jewelers know the sentimental value of your jewelry. We acknowledge your jewelry is more than just gold and gemstones. There are memories, history and emotion attached to each piece. That’s why we have a “recycling” program for your jewelry. Let us help you recreate your older styles into something new, fresh, and modern. We utilize your gemstones and possibly even your gold, allowing you to honor the heritage, while saying you money and producing a new piece to treasure.


Or, we can buy your jewelry from you. This allows us to continue to make beautiful jewelry using recycled gold, instead of mining for new precious material. This makes recycling a good option for you and our earth. Imagine, make some extra money while saving the earth!


So, bring your vision and your rings, earrings, bracelets, and chain down to see us today. We can help you reimagine a new life for your jewelry, then walk away with a new custom design to love for decades. Or, sell us your jewelry and have some extra money in your pocket. Either way, McCoy Jewelers will make it easy for you to recycle.


Come down to learn more about the process with our staff. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9AM-6PM.

Royal Jewelry Focuses on the Classics

Royal Jewelry Focuses on the Classics


There is a new set of royals in the castle.

Meghan Markle said “I do” to Prince Harry, Saturday May 19th. Prince Harry shocked people with his decision for Meghan’s engagement ring.

The ring was custom designed by Prince Harry. The ring is a classic three-stone styled engagement and will never run out of its trend. The center stone is a cushion shape diamond, with two smaller round diamonds surrounding the center stone. Prince Harry confirmed that the two side stones are a part of his mother’s diamond collection. The diamonds are meant to carry her with Prince Harry and his bride. At McCoy’s, we have plenty of customers wanting to recreate their or loved ones jewelry to become something new. We believe it is the perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one and allows for their memory to be carried with them.

Three-stone engagement rings allow for people to really create their own look. The center stone can be any shape of diamond or gemstone available. The two side stones can be the same or a different shape, color and size. Our customer’s have designed three stone rings to feature gemstones as the side stone to add even more personalization.

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Meghan has also been seen wearing a timeless diamond tennis bracelet. This bracelet features a row of diamonds from start to finish. It is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

At McCoy’s we specialize in fine jewelry. We love the look of timeless fine jewelry that will last for years. Picking diamond and gold jewelry pieces allow for your jewelry to last and will always provide you with the perfect combination of looks.


Noam Carver: The Answer

Noam Carver: The Answer

noam carver engagement ring ideas

Engagements symbolize one of the truest forms of commitment; marriage. The vow to be true to your partner for life, through any situation, is symbolized through a pair of rings worn on your left ring finger. That’s why the engagement ring selection process is one of the most important services we provide. We only offer the best for our customers, because an engagement is meant to be special.

McCoy Jewelers is proud to have Noam Carver as one of our designer brands for engagement rings. Whether our client wants vintage or modern, Noam Carver has the perfect ring to say “I Do” to. The collection features rings with different styles of inspirations, such as floral, vintage. The styles have different ring styles including elegant halos, classic solitaries, split shank, twisted and three stone settings. The collection has the ability to be ordered in a variety of precious metal settings, including the newest trend rosé gold.

noam carver mccoy jewelery engagement ring


From concept to creation, Noam Carver uses instinct, and takes risks, to cultivate new possibilities. Noam Carver pairs meticulously hand-crafted settings, precious metals, and one-of-a-kind gemstones to produce breathtaking rings. The craftsmanship of the Noam Carver collection honors the traditional legacy of fine custom jewelry making and hard work.

We chose Noam Carver because we love the ease of customization that Noam allows. Noam Carver rings help couples tell their own unique love story, with each ring becoming the perfect symbol of life’s most precious moments. We respect Noam Carver because he knows the importance of engagement rings and works tirelessly to offer endless options to every person.

The collection is the perfect fit to our shop, we are able to pair our expertise in everything jewelry to an award winning designer to give our customers a ring that will bring a lifetime of happiness. We are proud to offer a large selection of Noam Carver pieces in various metals, styles, and trends. Come in and check out the Noam Carver collection to experience the truly endless customization possiblities!