McCoy's Takes On JCK Las Vegas

Jewelry, like everything else, is always involving. New technological advancements make it inevitable that the industry you’re in to face different changes through out the year. Going into the JCK show, we knew of different trends, styles, and technology that we wanted to seek out. They ranged from new designer lines to new machinery to help make the jewelry making process more efficient for our shop and clients.

Our days at the show were hectic. We had appointments scheduled with different vendors and also had a long list of things to check out each day. We challenged ourselves to have an open mind to everything and really focus on the wants and needs of our clients. We went to different talks throughout the day that spoke about the newest trends in jewelry, how to improve marketing, and how to make a lasting impression to our clients.

Walking through the showrooms, we saw so many beautiful designs and pieces that it was hard to stay on focused. We went through showrooms that had jewelry from all over the world like; Germany, Italy, and Spain to name a few. It was very interesting to see the different styles of the countries and cultures but also were able to see connections between the different styles.

Overall, our experience was wonderful. We were able to land a few different vendors and lines for the shop. We also were able to work with current vendors to get new pieces from their collections into the shop as well. Throughout the next few weeks we will be announcing the new vendors and items we have in store, we know that they will be the perfect addition to our tradition of excellence.  We are excited to see what new technologies, trends and styles are featured next year.


The Burning Question: What Type of Metal Should my Engagement Ring Be?

What you Ought to Know About Jewelry

The Burning Question: What Type of Metal Should my Engagement Ring Be?

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Your engagement ring is meant to be worn every day for the rest of your life, but it’s also meant to last. Making sure your engagement ring will last throughout the years and be able to be repaired to brand new is almost as important as what the ring looks like. So, the question is, what metal should you get for your engagement ring?

There are a lot of different metal options out there but, there are a few that are not the metals to get for your engagement ring (even though they may be tempting because of their cost). Those metals are: sterling silver, titanium, and stainless steel. If you love the look of white metals, don’t worry, there are other options for you to choose that will be far better in the scheme of things for your engagement ring.

The metals that you should choose are:

Gold: Whether you choose white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. You are in good shape. Gold allows for the ring to be cut off in case of an emergency. Gold is a relatively unreactive metal and it tends not to oxidize or tarnish like other metals do. Gold can be maintained to its original shape and shine in regular maintenance and repairs. This allows for gold to be worn everyday for a lifetime.

Platinum: This is a white metal that is meant to be worn for generations. It’s beautiful silver-white color does not tarnish like other white metals. The way platinum ages allow for the ring to stay in tact for decades on decades. Platinum can be maintained to its original shape and shine in repair services if needed. Platinum exceeds the value of gold. It is also unaffected by common household chemicals, allowing for you to wear it all the time.

Palladium: A precious gray-white metal, is an extremely durable metal. Palladium does not tarnish naturally in age like other silver metals, but it does age differently than gold and platinum. Palladium is an extremely durable noble metal and does not require any metals to be alloyed in to create its pure white look.

Remember when shopping for an engagement ring that you need your ring to last. Yes, that means your ring will cost more than other metals but in the long-run it will be the best decision for your forever ring. Check out some of our great engagement ring options here.

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Celebrating Love with McCoy Jeweler

New Web page for McCoy Love Stories

Celebrating Love with McCoy Jeweler

As Hugh Grant once said, “Love is All Around.” At McCoy Jewelers, we celebrate all forms of love. Our customers’ love stories are cherished, respected, and adored. Since 1973, we have specialized in the highest quality of craftsmanship, service, and quality for engagement rings and bridal fashion.

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We are so excited and happy to announce our new McCoy Love Stories page. This page is full of some of our amazing couples! See their happiness and love through precious proposal and wedding moments and see why they love McCoy Jewelers.

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Without our couples, we simply would not be able to do what we love every single day. They make us at McCoy Jewelers, as a business and individually as people, feel whole. The feeling we get when we see a happy couple picking out engagement rings, celebrating their proposals, and picking up their wedding bands are some of our favorite and most cherished moments in our shop.

McCoy Jeweler WhereDubuqueGetsEngaged Alex Amber

Click here to see some of our amazing couples on our new Love Stories page! If you would like to be featured on our page you can send your images, proposal stories, and/or your favorite wedding moments to [email protected]

The Burning Question: What Engagement Ring Style Should I Choose?

What Everybody Ought to Know about Jewelry

The Burning Question: What Engagement Ring Style Should I Choose?


So, it’s time to get engaged, huh? Before you decide on your diamond it’s important to pick out the ring. Why? Well, different diamond shapes are better for different ring styles. They go together, kind of like you and your significant other. 

Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming looking at hundreds of different engagement rings without a direction. That’s why we created our guide on everything engagement ring styles to help you get the perfect ring for your person.


Solitaire Engagement Ring: for the classic woman in your life

Solitaire engagement rings are the classic option of engagement rings. Timeless, and perfect to really let your center stone stand out. Whether you choose a round or a fancy cut diamond; your center stone will be the center of attention in a solitaire engagement ring. You can choose a stunning prong-set or a contemporary bezel-set to make your engagement ring unique to you. 

mccoy jeweler Solitare Yellow Gold webmccoy jeweler Solitare Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler Solitare White Gold web



Diamonds on the Shank Engagement Ring: for the modern woman in your life

Add an accent of stunning brilliance to your engagement ring with the diamonds on the shank style. With the addition of smaller stones along the band, these engagement rings really catch the eye without taking the sparkle away from your center stone. Diamonds on the shank engagement rings come in a variety of styles- choose the diamond setting style that shows your style. 

mccoy jeweler diamond down shank Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler diamond down shank White Gold webmccoy jeweler diamond down shank Yellow Gold web



Three-Stone Engagement Ring: for the hopeless-romantic woman in your life

This style of engagement ring represents your past, present and future. The two larger side stones on the three-stone engagement ring serves as an accent to your center stone. Customize your three-stone ring to have different diamond shapes, or even add a pop of color with a gemstone. Whatever you choose, the three-stone engagement ring is a stunning and clean look to wear for a lifetime. 

mccoy jeweler Three Stone White Gold webmccoy jeweler Three Stone Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler Three Stone White Gold with diamonds down shank web



Halo Engagement Ring: for the glamorous woman in your life

Halo engagement rings had extra sparkle around your center stone. Whether you want a single or double halo, your engagement ring will have that extra sparkle for a glamorous look. The smaller diamonds around the center stone emphasize its sparkle. Customize your halo engagement ring with a fancy cut diamond. Whatever you choose, a halo engagement ring will add that extra sparkle to your forever ring. 

mccoy jeweler Halo Yellow Gold webmccoy jeweler Halo White Gold webmccoy jeweler Halo Rose Gold web


No matter the style of ring that you select, McCoy Jeweler is here to help you along this journey!  To see our engagement ring options click here!