McCoy Jeweler named America's Coolest Store 2018

We’ve always thought we were cool but winning America’s Coolest Stores by InStore Magazine proved it. The America’s Coolest Store is a nationwide competition between jewelers. A panel of judges with expertise in design, jewelry, interior design, and architecture are instructed to critique the exterior, interior, marketing, online presence, individuality, and the story of the store. From there, the list is dwindled to 16 jewelers who are superior from the rest and named America’s Coolest Stores. There are two divisions; big and small. The categories are decided based on the number of employees at the jewelers.

americascoolest mccoyjeweler interior

Jewelers are allowed to enter as many years as it takes to be a winner. Though, you can only win once. We submitted our shop for the first time in 2018 and were chosen as a winner in 2018. We are one of three jewelers in the state of Iowa to ever win this award in the 16 years that InStore has been hosting the competition.

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Judges praised McCoy Jewelers’ for our family vibe and historic location and feel. McCoy Jewelers started 45 years ago by Robert McCoy and is currently owned by one of his sons, Jonathan McCoy. The shop opened on Main Street in a struggling economic time for Dubuque and is currently sitting in the same location with original fixtures and structures to pay tribute to the start of the business. Beside the overall charm of McCoy Jewelers, judges loved the sales technique of the shop.

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What really set us apart from the rest in the competition is the acronym that we live by; “ABC”. Meaning, always be changing , always be comfortable, and always be closing. Always be changing means that at McCoy Jewelers, we change with you. We change our strategy, technology, trends, etc. based on what the current needs and wants are for the community we are in. Always be comfortable means that we are relatable. We aren’t dressed in suits and our shop is more casual and relaxed. Lastly, always be closing, refers to that we promise to teach you about the jewelry you are inquiring about. We will never persuade you one way simply for more money. Often times, we persuade you to spend less.

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To read the full article about us, visit https://instoremag.com/203-square-foot-store-achieves-cool-status-as-custom-bridal-only-shop/.