Reasons Why You Should Always Buy Jewelry at Brick and Mortar Stores

Easy isn't always best!

Sure, we can admit that buying online can be a simpler, more convenient way of shopping. Buying items like clothing, technological devices, or household items from the comfort of your couch is a wonderful thing. However, when it comes to buying the finer things in life, like your fine jewelry, shopping online isn’t always the best option.

Jewelry oftentimes holds a sentimental value and can carry a sizable monetary purchase. Online stores prevent you from knowing the exact difference between two, three, four, or five options.
Choosing to shop in a Brick and Mortar store allows you to…

1. See exactly what you are getting

At McCoy Jewelers, you can compare anything from millimeter width to the chain style of your jewelry; including different gemstone types and quality. There’s something about spending time with trained professionals who can walk you through your endless options and help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry for you. When you shop Brick and Mortar, you can see how different metals really look, you can see the sparkle of different gemstone shapes and sizes, you can even oftentimes try on the product before you make your decision.

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2. Education over pushy ‘expiring’ sales

We teach, we do not sell. In our downtown Dubuque shop, we will explain different options of jewelry. Whether you are getting a pearl necklace or an engagement ring. We have specialized and trained employees that will explain all your options and detail what those changes do to your total price. This helps you make an educated decision, rather than trusting what online “jewelers” claim to be your best option.

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For the best of both worlds, visit different websites or Pinterest for inspiration behind your next piece of jewelry. There is absolutely no harm in window shopping via cyberspace. Those websites are able to help you figure out what you love (or hate), then stop into see us at McCoy Jewelers for the real hands on experience you deserve. Too look at some of the options we have to choose from click here.