The Burning Question: What Engagement Ring Style Should I Choose?

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So, it’s time to get engaged, huh? Before you decide on your diamond it’s important to pick out the ring. Why? Well, different diamond shapes are better for different ring styles. They go together, kind of like you and your significant other. 

Don’t worry, we know it can be overwhelming looking at hundreds of different engagement rings without a direction. That’s why we created our guide on everything engagement ring styles to help you get the perfect ring for your person.


Solitaire Engagement Ring: for the classic woman in your life

Solitaire engagement rings are the classic option of engagement rings. Timeless, and perfect to really let your center stone stand out. Whether you choose a round or a fancy cut diamond; your center stone will be the center of attention in a solitaire engagement ring. You can choose a stunning prong-set or a contemporary bezel-set to make your engagement ring unique to you. 

mccoy jeweler Solitare Yellow Gold webmccoy jeweler Solitare Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler Solitare White Gold web



Diamonds on the Shank Engagement Ring: for the modern woman in your life

Add an accent of stunning brilliance to your engagement ring with the diamonds on the shank style. With the addition of smaller stones along the band, these engagement rings really catch the eye without taking the sparkle away from your center stone. Diamonds on the shank engagement rings come in a variety of styles- choose the diamond setting style that shows your style. 

mccoy jeweler diamond down shank Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler diamond down shank White Gold webmccoy jeweler diamond down shank Yellow Gold web



Three-Stone Engagement Ring: for the hopeless-romantic woman in your life

This style of engagement ring represents your past, present and future. The two larger side stones on the three-stone engagement ring serves as an accent to your center stone. Customize your three-stone ring to have different diamond shapes, or even add a pop of color with a gemstone. Whatever you choose, the three-stone engagement ring is a stunning and clean look to wear for a lifetime. 

mccoy jeweler Three Stone White Gold webmccoy jeweler Three Stone Rose Gold webmccoy jeweler Three Stone White Gold with diamonds down shank web



Halo Engagement Ring: for the glamorous woman in your life

Halo engagement rings had extra sparkle around your center stone. Whether you want a single or double halo, your engagement ring will have that extra sparkle for a glamorous look. The smaller diamonds around the center stone emphasize its sparkle. Customize your halo engagement ring with a fancy cut diamond. Whatever you choose, a halo engagement ring will add that extra sparkle to your forever ring. 

mccoy jeweler Halo Yellow Gold webmccoy jeweler Halo White Gold webmccoy jeweler Halo Rose Gold web


No matter the style of ring that you select, McCoy Jeweler is here to help you along this journey!  To see our engagement ring options click here!