Star Brewery
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Star Brewery


Dubuque Star was established by Joseph Rhomberg in 1898. Until the beginning of Prohibition, the brewery produced Dubuque Star beer. As with many other breweries, the Dubuque Star brewery was forced to close down. In 1971, Joseph Pickett purchased the brewery. He found that the brewery was not in good shape. Most of the equipment was outdated 1930s era equipment. Agri Industries purchased the brewery in 1980 and closed in 1985. There were a couple more attempts in the following years to reopen the brewery. However, despite making superior products, the efforts were not successful, and the brewery was closed down in 1999. On March 23, 2006 it was announced that Stone Cliff Winery had signed an agreement with Port of Dubuque LLC to lease part of the brewery.


  • Metal Options: Available in sterling silver, gold and platinum.
  • Item Cost:: $40


Price does not include center stone. Prices subject to change.