Myths of Custom

Every occasion is special and deserves to have a unique piece of jewelry to commemorate the moment. With just a little planning and time we can help you provide the ultimate custom design that no one else in the world will have. No more comparing diamond size, let them show off something that was hand crafted for just this moment in your lives.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced craftsman & artists will work with you and our on-site Master Jeweler to transform your vision from imagination to reality. Because you select the gems and materials with help from McCoy Jewelers, there are no limits on what you can create.

The care we take throughout the process results in a piece that is classic, timeless and complementary to the appearance, taste and lifestyle of the wearer. You can also bring us an existing piece, and we will reinterpret it with new settings and configurations into a brand-new design. Here we've outlined a few popular myths regarding custom jewelry design.

Myth #1: Customized jewelry is very expensive

Customized jewelry doesn't have to be extremely expensive. The price of custom jewelry varies according to what the customer specifically wants. In a custom project, the customer has the choice of various design and stone options. A customer may choose to incorporate synthetic stones or natural stones into the design. Apart from a jeweler, no one can tell the difference between either type of stone. Synthetic stones are more budget friendly than natural ones, allowing for a customer who is on a tight budget to have the same great look as natural stones--at a lower price. 

Myth #2: If it's not an engagement ring or wedding band, it cannot be custom

On the contrary, custom jewelry is not limited to just engagement ring and wedding bands. If you can dream it, we can create it! Custom jewelry can range from formal to casual to everything in between. Jewelry can be crafted according to a customer's preferences. 

Myth #3: Customized jewelry can be designed exactly to a customer's specification

While a custom piece of jewelry can be anything a customer wants it to be, there may be some rare cases where there are some limitations. The custom project idea that you present to the jeweler must be practical and applicable to bring into reality. The custom project may take anywhere between a few weeks to several months, depending on its complexity.